For those of you new to our natural cosmetics, here are a few words about what we do, how we do it and what we stand for. To put it short – Mladna is more than just a beauty brand; it is a choice and a way of life!

Українська натуральна косметика Младна, магазин в Києві

When choosing Mladna you choose:

  • Supporting Ukrainian economy because we are a Ukrainian manufacturer.
  • Natural care and responsible attitude to your body and health, as we create handmade cosmetics from quality natural, earth-friendly ingredients.
  • Ethical production, since we do not test our cosmetics not on animals and do not use components of animal origin.
  • “Green” consciousness, because we do not use harmful chemicals.
  • Joy, happiness and a positive mind-set, as we make all our beauty products with love and they will fill your life with bright colors, magic flavors and good energy!

Is that something you would enjoy? If so, welcome to the community of kindred spirits that share our values! 

Натуральна косметика українського виробництва Младна

Please note:

If you are not familiar with natural cosmetics or may have allergic reactions to some ingredients, please do not use it straight to the body or face. In this case it is best to first test a product on a small skin area:

  • Apply on the wrist or back of the palm
  • After 5 minutes rinse with warm water. If there is no irritation, swelling or redness, you can use the beauty product as intended.

List of “Conclusions of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise” issued for LLC Mlada by the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Office of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:

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